Lead Generation

Are you a local contractor or service company looking for more sales? Are you looking to take on more business but don’t know how to go about it? Lead generation could be the answer for you. If you have already worked with the lead generation companies like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, etc. then you might be a little leary of another lead generation company. We totally get it. After discussing this issue with many clients, the biggest drawback is paying for leads that never become a paying project. Most customers use Home Advisor for information and quotes but not real jobs. The majority of these contractors pay for leads that another contractor has already signed on for. So what does that mean for you? You pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for nothing. We think that is beyond shady and it isn’t ethical. 


We at Egenosphere believe that you shouldn’t pay for a lead unless you actually got paid for one yourself. We offer multiple packages for lead generation to try and fit your specific needs. We can also customize packages for lead generation if the current packages don’t suffice. 

How does it work? We customize a lead generation site to tailor to your specific niche and the target city you would like to get leads from. After discussing your specific goals, we can target specific services you would like to get leads for and the target areas around town you would like to work in. Once we determine your specific needs, we tailor a site to target those needs. Think of it as Home Advisor but for one town and one niche. And all the leads go to you. We don’t compete with ourselves by having competing clients. 


One thing that most lead generation or SEO companies promise is tons of leads and #1 ranking on Google almost immediately. Bet you’ve had those sales pitches before, right? We all get bombarded by SEO nonsense and companies promising the world, but for a small upfront fee. Egenosphere was founded on the belief that we could prosper while being honest and our clients could also prosper because of the quality leads we get for them. Instead of promising you fake numbers or rankings, we discuss with you in detail what it would take and how long it would be before you saw a steady stream of income and leads. Truth is, none of these companies can promise you anything until they’ve done the research on your niche and your competitors. We will do an in-depth detailed analysis of your niche and the local competitors to give you a realistic timeline for lead generation.


So what do I have to pay? I know that’s probably the first thing you thought. We have found that not only does our strategy for getting leads work, but our pay structures seem to go over well with clients. Why? Because with our lead generation packages you only pay us when you get paid on a lead we have sent you. We have options available if you would like to pay a set monthly or yearly payment and not have to keep track of what you owe each month. We cover our lead generation packages in detail below.

Commission Based


Commission based is one of our most popular options. Once we have sent you a lead, we will stay in contact with you and the customer until the lead is paid out. Once you have been paid, we charge a % commission of the labor of the job. We never do % of full cost because we know you make little or nothing on material costs. The % is different for every niche. Speak with one of our lead generation specialists to see what the right commission is for your specific niche. This is our most popular option for most new clients because they can “test the waters” so to speak. We do find that eventually once the leads pick up, switching to one of our other payment packages is more beneficial to you economically.

Monthly Based


If you have been with us for awhile and the commission or pay per lead is too much to keep up with due to all the business you are getting, monthly based billing might be the option for you. Or maybe you want to jump right in to the yearly and be done with it. We will build out and set up your lead generation company the same as always, but instead of you paying a commission or fee per lead you will just pay a set amount per month. You will receive all the leads as normal, but there will be no tracking down each lead and billing a commission or fee. Speak with a lead generation specialist today to begin planning out your lead generation package.

Pay Per Lead


Pay per lead is exactly what it sounds like. We do everything the same for lead generation, but you pay a set amount per lead you receive. Sounds like Home Advisor, right? Wrong. We only bill you for the leads you get paid on. If it isn’t a real lead, you don’t owe us a thing. We think it is highly unethical to charge someone for a service they never received. The amount per paying lead is based upon your niche and town. Speak with a lead generation specialist at Egenosphere today to begin planning out your lead generation package.

Yearly Based


Yearly based billing is for those who like to write one check a year and be done with it. You will receive all the benefits of any of our lead generation packages and the same excellent customer service. There will be no tracking of leads for fees or commissions. The yearly billing will be determined on your specific niche and town you wish to target. Speak with a lead generation specialist to see what your yearly billing options are.