Analytics & Metrics

Once you've done a site audit or maybe had an SEO company build a website for you, where do you go from here? Routine site audits are a good practice but if you are wanting to stay on top of the pack with rankings, having a company track your analytics and Metrics over time will provide you with in-depth analysis of how your site is performing over time and when you make changes, how that affects your site and it's rankings. Monitoring your site's performance on a routine basis shows growth or decline over any period of time. If you have a passion and desire to keep advancing your online presence, our analytics and Metrics tracking package might be the solution you seek! Being able to track keyword rankings and monitor the effect your social media posts and backlinks have once done will give you insight into how to approach changes in the future.

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Focusing on the right keywords and getting rid of negative words takes time and only a true gauge of how you are performing is keeping track of your progress as your business ages. New competitors, old ones closing, new trends in your industry, all of these are things that can change rankings and shift the focus to different keyword strategies or even website design elements. Analytics and Metrics services like the ones we offer will help you understand why your business might not be performing up to your expectations. It will also show you what you've been doing right and know that you need to focus more or maintain current status in those areas. Monthly tracking is preferred especially for new businesses online. Rankings and links take some time to be found by Google and you will bounce around a lot for a few weeks before you settle into a steady ranking. Once established you can do weekly audits to add to your analytics and Metrics tracking to monitor even minor changes to your site and see the effect it has in real-time. Contact eGenosphere today for an analytics and Metrics consultation!