Business Cards

When meeting with customers or potential clients in the real world, having a physical business card along with all of your other marketing and online presence, puts what we like to think of as the final touch on your business being completely professional. Having your company name, contact information, and logo on a physical card to hand to people looks very professional and that you mean business. We are more than happy to be your business card creators and managers! Designing a good business card means reflecting what you or your business represents. It's your brand in a physical object that others can hang on to. Matching colors and logos is common and might be the best route to take. We can help you design your business cards with your already preselected vision and build templates until you are satisfied with the business card design. Picking card stock and quality also can be crucial depending on the industry you are in.


If you are interested in complete design from start to finish, we handle that as well. We will customize a package that covers logo design, graphic design, and business card development. We will edit and change your business card until you are completely satisfied with the end result. We are confident that our business card professionals will deliver a quality product that you will be satisfied with for years to come. Once we've developed and sent you your cards, we will always have your information saved when it comes time to reorder. Just give us a call and we will immediately get another batch of your business cards started and shipped out. Don't waste money designing an inferior card with some of the business card services out there. Having to keep redoing cards becomes more costly in the end than having a business card design team develop a winning product that you can reuse time and again. Call eGenosphere today to speak with one of our business card develoent experts!