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Content, content, content. It’s all over this website and it’s talked about by any and every SEO company. So we all know content is important, but what is the difference between copywriting, content editing, and content marketing? There are many similarities and many differences. Content marketing is a service we offer at eGenosphere for those companies and websites who do their own copywriting or content editing but need that extra push when it comes to keywords and ranking on searches. We will research your company and niche to produce a list of keywords and phrases that your company should be writing about. 

If you are a local company, we will look at not only what the national search results are, we will look at your local competitors to see what their customers or clients are typing in to find their website. It’s important to know where your competitors are outranking you online. You need to target those terms and phrases to dominate the keyword landscape.

You also might be using the wrong terminology. No one knows your business like you do, but if you are currently using industry related terms that only people in your business would know, those terms don’t need to be on your content. You can use them, just know that it isn’t those terms that your actual customers type in to find you. 

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What we can do for you is tell you the right keywords and phrases to use in all of your content. Whether it’s for your blogs or your social media posts, or whether it’s for your content on your websites, we will give you a list of the top ranking keywords for your niche and your specific business needs. We will also tell you the target number of times to use these words. Yes that’s right. One thing other SEO companies don’t discuss is the amount of times these keywords or phrases are being used is also of importance. If your competitor has that target keyword on their homepage ten times and you only have it on there once, it matters. Also the placement of these keywords and whether they should be bolded and how many times will be in our detailed content marketing analysis. If you think your content is weak and needs a dose of content marketing, contact eGenosphere today to speak with one of our professional content marketers!