Email Accounts

Managing all of your email accounts can be difficult and challenging. Remembering to send emails to clients and customers on a regular basis can be a headache. Mass marketing, thank you emails, and informative emails that need to be sent out when certain things change in your business can be a huge project by itself. Even if you use a mail service client that helps you schedule emails ahead of time, you still have to write the template and make the schedule. You can spend hours doing this yourself every month or hire an employee to do it. Or you could go the best route and have eGenosphere marketing handle all of your mass emails, whether it be for marketing or trying to attract new customers. For much less than it would cost to hire an employee, we can handle all.of your email accounting needs! Marketing emails can get spammy and most people won't even see them. We can target clients or customers in your specific niche to cut down on junk emails. That saves time which also saves you money. Replying to emails in a timely manner will make your customers or clients feel valued when they are needing customer support. Having an email account manager will ensure all your customer support emails and marketing emails get taken care of and sent out on time! Call eGenosphere to speak with an email account manager today!

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If you are just starting out, we can help setup and secure emails personalized for you and your business. Having a personalized email shows professionalism and looks like a company that plans to do business for years to come. We can not only setup those email accounts for you, we can also manage any current email accounts you've created. All of your email accounts handled and in one place. Doesn't that sound nice? If you're looking to take the stress off of yourself or your business, eGenosphere has an email account package to suit your needs. Never get behind on marketing or replying to customer support issues. eGenosphere are the leading experts in email account creation and management. G Suite, Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other email service provider you currently use we will manage these and all future emails accounts under one roof! Contact eGenosphere to speak with an email accounts manager today!