Adding videos to your arsenal of content on your website can be beneficial or could actually hurt your website. Load times can slow down when high-resolution videos have to load when a person visits your site. Why do you have a video in the first place? If it is just to fill in space on your site, a picture can have the same effect without dragging your load times down. But videos can be super beneficial and even necessary for some industries. If you aren’t just using videos as a design element, making the right videos and having them edited so they look professional, it isn’t something most business owners have any experience with. Videography is a highly skilled profession and you don’t want to just hire anyone to make and craft your videos. Contact our expert videographers today to set up a consultation.

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video, seo, web design, birmingham, al.j

There are many reasons to add videos to your site. Informational videos that describe a new product or detail out a service that may be hard to comprehend by non-professionals need to be clear, concise, and high quality. Editing videos down to use the least amount of space while at the same time keeping the video high quality can be a challenging task. Videos are a great tool for companies that constantly post on blogs or social media. Getting your company message out or updating clients and customers on current events are strategies that many companies see benefits and a good ROI. While many of these videos can be made with your phone and should be so you can add a personal element to your company’s face, you will also need professional high-quality videos for the professional and advertising video goals you have set for yourself. Our team of videographers can film one time videos or set up ongoing recurring video plans to keep your company up to date on social media. Contact us today to speak with an expert videographer!