Website Design

Custom Website Design


From the nuts and bolts of research to the finishing touches of your design, we are the experts you want for your custom website design. We can design your site to be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Small, medium, and large companies can trust that regardless of the size and scope of the website design project, you will receive the expert and professional care we offer to all of our website design clients. We will offer you a sampling of templates we have used in the past as well as examples of current client sites we have built. We will discuss your color schemes and logos for your branding and sites colors. Keyword research and copywriting will fill out your webpages with as much content as you desire. Custom images and video can really bring your site to life and we will also discuss those options with you as well. At the end of our journey we want to make sure you are pleased with your website design, so we will work until we get it right. Call eGenosphere today to get your custom website design started!

SEO Foundation Website


Looking to secure leads for specific products or services? We use SEO tactics to build any of our sites but this type of website design is specifically targeted for search engines. What that means is, you might not have the best looking site. It won’t be bad, it just needs certain design elements laid out in ways that maximize on Google’s search patterns. That can mean not being able to use certain keywords or maybe even the name of your company. This service is geared specifically to those clients of service driven industries that compete on sites like Home Advisor. This type of website design is only looking at the numbers, regardless of how the site turns out. We strive to do our best to make the site as perfect as possible, but if leads are your ultimate goal, you might have to make sacrifices. If you would like to learn more about SEO website design, call eGenosphere today!

Mobile friendly 


Making sure that your site flows on the PC and mobile devices will make sure that no matter where your clients find you online, your site will be professional. Sometimes you need to sacrifice some design elements to make your site look great on PC and mobile, but if only focusing on the mobile aspect, we can deliver a top notch design that will fit perfectly on mobile for your specific business needs. Don’t get left behind. The mobile digital world is here to stay and it is increasingly the most used type of device to use the internet. We will make sure your site looks beautiful on all devices before we ever publish. Looking to get your website up and mobile friendly? Call eGenosphere today to start working on your new mobile website!

Advanced Build


This is our top of the line package! This is the whole design from beginning to end. From domain purchase to ghostwriting on blogs, we will custom build every aspect of your online presence. This can be a large project and meant for those serious about their online rankings. We will design the entire website, do all linking and citations, maximize search algorithms, and maintain a social media presence for you. Logo design, business cards, email accounts, etc., almost every service we offer all rolled up into one package. If you think you are ready to take that leap, call eGenosphere today to start working on your advanced website design!

Using in house copywriters, photographers, content editors, content marketers, logo design, website designers, and account creators means that your new website design project will always be streamlined and no miscommunication will happen potentially causing you to have a clunky site. Most people spend an enormous amount of time online so designing a site that is unique and to your liking is our number one goal. All of us have seen the same stock photos and layouts on a hundred different websites. If you want to create something new and innovating, hire eGenosphere today to get your website design project started right now!

There are a host of important and relevant tasks that need to be discussed when setting up your new website. Page navigation seems to be one of the first one that amateurs get wrong. How does your page flow? Is it easy to navigate? Navigation is not only making your site look streamlined but also placement of menus and important information such as contact information and relevant important content. Making sure your pages are mobile friendly is also a pretty important task on the to do list. With most of us searching on our phones and tablets, mobile friendly websites are preferred by all of us. 

Copywriting and design elements are another area where our website designers shine. Producing unique, quality content and design templates will make your site stand out when customers view your site and also be attractive to the search engines. All the design elements and content writing will go through your approval so you will have total control over how the site is designed and written. Producing unique and relevant content that is rich in the correct keywords and phrases will help you reach the top of the pack. 

You will have a dedicated website designer for your project that will constantly keep you up to date with any changes or any alterations we believe need to be made. And remember, this is your baby. We will make recommendations on our years of experience designing websites but ultimately, you are the boss. You can change or choose any color schemes, content topics, and layouts you choose even if we disagree with your choices. We want you to be successful, but we also want you satisfied with our services. This is your website design, we are here to help you reach that vision. To get started on your custom website design, call or contact one of our professional website designers today!