Site Audits

How good is your website design? Do you like how it looks? Does it perform well on organic search rankings? There are many tools out there that can give you much of this information. The problem is that they don't audit every aspect of your site and compare it properly to your competition. The information they do provide is highly beneficial, but only if you know how to decipher what you are seeing. Our site audit process looks at every aspect of what affects your website's rankings and compares it with competitors of your choosing. We will also research whom we believe to be your top competition. We will look at items such as keyword rankings, content quality, video/image quality, backlinks, back end settings, and many, many more. All of these factor into your online presence. Knowing your weaknesses and competitor's strengths will put you in a position to change the things that will have you dominate in all areas.

site audits, seo, web design. Birmingham
audits, seo, web design. Birmingham, al.

Site Audits are a regular task we perform as part of many of our other service packages. SEO, digital marketing, lead generation, etc. all require site audits as a baseline for investigative research. You will never know where you stand with the competition and how search engines rank you if you never perform a site audit. Doing this yourself is costly because most tools are expensive and monthly. They offer valuable insight into you and your competition but knowing how to read all the information takes a certain skill. Our site auditors perform research analysis every day and know how to read all of the information these tools provide. But there are other factors that none of these tools can provide information on. Researching your website and your competitors by actually dissecting each section of the sites live and organically show things that tools don't look for. Our site audit process looks at all the factors that Google looks for in their algorithms. Contact a professional site-auditor from eGenosphere to get your site audit started today!